MORE THAN A MEAL: the importance of providing high quality foodservice in aged care

More than 3.5 million Australians will require aged care services by 2050, according to statistics from the Productivity Commission. But with the sector already at breaking point, how can aged care providers ensure they are offering the level of care one would expect, and that our loved ones surely deserve?

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Did you know...

that one in every two Australian aged care residents suffers from malnutrition?

More than a meal: the importance of providing high quality foodservice in aged care gives you valuable information and practical tips for reducing malnutrition in your organisation.  

Our free guide also details:

  • The current state of aged care foodservice
  • Powerful data from one of the most comprehensive studies into aged care foodservice
  • Financial gains that can be achieved through investing more into food budgets
  • The science behind why good food makes residents happier
  • Practical tips for developing an A-grade aged care menu
  • A look at future trends in aged care dining
  • Comprehensive list of free resources to help you improve your foodservice offering

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