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Are your fries failing to make the cut?

One of the toughest decisions for operators is knowing whether they are better off fixing or ditching a faulty piece of equipment. But when it comes to commercial deep fryers, the decision to repair or replace the unit becomes even more critical. Safety issues, temperature overshoots, excessive oil consumption and poor food quality are just some of the signs your fryer is failing you. Download our free guide today to help you decide if it's time for an upgrade.

3 signs that your kitchen needs a new deep fryer. Download your guide now!

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Number #1 for 30 years

Australia's number 1 fryer for 30 years, voted Best in Class for 14 years in a row

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Largest Range

The choice of gas and electric models with single units and filtrations suites

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No Fryer is Faster

With models that can cook up to 36kg of french fries per hour, nothing is faster than Frymaster

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Did you know that the cost of oil far outweighs the cost of your fryer?

A restaurant with 3 fryers can spend more than $10,000 per year in oil costs alone.

Filtering your oil daily can reduce your oil cost substantially. Talk to us about our large range of options for filtering your oil.

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“Frymaster fryers are very durable and long lasting. They have a fantastic life span and as far as I’m concerned they are the Toyota Land Cruiser of fryers.”

Nick Unmack, Business Owner - Cicerello's